Village deals with a variety of business at meeting

WESTFIELD – The Westfield Village Board of Trustees took care of a variety of business at its March meeting.

The board passed Resolution No. 2-2013 supporting the passage of a bill requiring contact information for vacant structures in New York state.

“We have several abandoned properties here,” village of Westfield David Carr said. “It really is too bad. They have a sign on the door, on the window. … There’s a telephone number, you call the telephone number and there’s either no answer or they tell you you’ve got the wrong number.”

Currently, mortgage companies do not always provide contact information as to who owns or is responsible for vacant structures which have not been kept up for months at a time.

If this legislation was passed, it would make it mandatory for those lending institutions to provide contact information as to who is responsible for the structures, thus helping the village be able to deal with several abandoned buildings, homes and apartments.

“Hopefully this bill will take care of that,” Carr said.

During the report by Westfield Police Department Chief Robert Genthner, Carr noticed the department has still been answering calls support of the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office for incidents outside of the village and asked Genthner about the number his department is receiving. Genthner responded it is about five or six a month on average.

Code Enforcement Officer Jim Pacanowski reported the new restaurant located at 9-11 East Main Street was scheduled to open in mid-April. He also reported the owner of fire-damaged building at 19 Cottage St. is interested in rebuilding the structure and thus needed the board to rescind the building being condemned. The only thing the owner could do until being given a building permit would be the removal of the roof and the second floor, both of which were damaged in the fire. The request was passed without unanimously.

Public Works Supervisor Ed LeBarron reported to the board regarding digging a pit on South Portage Road near East Campbell Street for the pressure regulator vaults for the Woodrick water storage tank up on Martin Wright Road. LeBarron said his department would also be doing similar digging on Chestnut Street near South Gale Street. The bolts at both locations were scheduled to be set on March 27.

When it came to the wastewater department, Carr explained there had been questions regarding its purchase of cracked corn. Carr explained the corn was used to attract ducks which in turn melted the ice at the plant thus avoiding expensive removal of the ice.

Brad Szymczak was also appointed to the village of Westfield Board of Fire Commissioners without any nay votes, as was Erin Schuster’s attendance to the NYRW-New York Rural Water Conference. The board tabled the approval of Hill Engineering for the HDP Liner Project.

At the end of the meeting, there was no budget work session as listed on the agenda. Instead, the board voted to recess into executive session to go over the budget.

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