Cassadaga Village Board continues water discussions

CASSADAGA – Water questions bubbled up again at the last meeting of the Cassadaga Village Board.

Greg McCorkhill from Stearns & Wheler reported that a preconstruction meeting would be held on May 27 and the treatment building and well are moving ahead.

A question surfaced about whether to use water project funds to deal with North Shore Park Drive. According to McCorkhill, acceptance of the project by Rural Development could be a “done deal” because it was included in the original project.

The Department of Health has pointed to this area as needing improvement for a long time because the current pipe is relatively narrow and runs in the woods. The plans call for a loop on the street (pipe laid up the street and then back down) which it would cost about $225,000.

Street supervisor Tom Fetter objected that a loop isn’t needed on the street. He said the pipe could just dead end, and that would cut the cost of the project while providing adequate water to the area.

McCorkhill wasn’t sure whether or not that idea would be accepted by Rural Development, but the majority of board members were not in favor of spending money if it could be saved. McCorkhill said he would try to get the necessary clearance for this.

Mill Road was also discussed. According to McCorkhill acceptance for improvements to this area would be “iffy” because it was not included in the original project.

The board noted that people who live on Mill Street have come to board meetings and made complaints to trustees about the discolored water. Attempts to clear the water by flushing the pipes have only been partially successful.

McCorkhill said he would check on this as well, but the board might have to decide whether it will be an additional project.

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