FRED FEST: High drama in the village

A picture can say thousands of words. Unfortunately, the photo on the front page of our newspaper on Tuesday was reduced to these four words: students out of control.

Apparently, no one above the porch knows anything about consequences. There’s no telling what kind of notoriety that incident would have put on Fredonia if that roof had collapsed. National news teams would have flocked to our region to cover an incident that would have been senseless.

The picture also makes you wonder just where the over-officious village building inspectors were when they were needed?

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured over the weekend. But there was vandalism, some inconveniences and a lot of trash throughout the village.

Our community is fairly welcoming of the students each year. All we ask for is, especially during Fredonia Fest weekend, is some common courtesy.

After seeing the photo of “educated” students, however, elbow-to-elbow on a rooftop, we would also ask for this: some common sense.