Pomfret waterline project going well

The Pomfret Town Board received good news on its water project Wednesday.

“Things have been moving along smoothly,” Wendel Engineer Lauren Glose reported.

She said as of April 19, 45 percent of the pipe for the project has been installed. Water lines have gone in on Porter and McAllister roads and work has begun on Route 60 and is headed toward the intersection with Route 20.

“We are making great progress,” she added.

She said work on Route 60 will run through May and work on Route 20 will begin soon.

There has also been 39 hydrants installed and connections on Chautauqua Road have been made to the Fredonia village line. Meter pits have also been completed at Chautauqua, Seymour, Webster and Wilson roads. She said they have had no delays from rock.

Wendel Vice President Gerald Summe said water service could start before the end of the month.

He suggested the board pass a bond resolution and approve change orders to keep things moving along.

At its February meeting the town board held a public hearing to expand the maximum cost of the project from $4.6 million to $4.9 million. After the public hearing, the board expanded the cost of the project but did not authorize the work or alternative projects during that night’s meeting.

Summe explained it takes months for the Environmental Facilities Corporation to approve zero percent loans like the one the town is going for. However, he said if the town does not get the zero percent interest rate from EFC it can probably bond as low as 1.8 percent on its own.

The board passed resolutions to expand the maximum cost and the maximum amount to be borrowed to $4.9 million Wednesday.

Glose explained change orders to the project include adding alternate number three at a cost of $250,000 and the added material cost for that work for $7,200. Also, the added cost of time and labor at a meter pit on Wilson Road where utility lines were not mapped and had to be moved for $2,400.

The final change order included the deduction of $44,000 from alternate number five which included $14,000 for materials and labor to cut and lay pipe on Webster Road and $30,000 to pave half the road. It also included an addition of $54,000, $14,000 for the materials and labor and $40,000 for the county to pave the whole road.

The town board questioned if Wendel had a contract saying the county would be responsible for paving the road. Summe said they have a letter from the county but not a contract. He called it “an agreement in principle.”

The board authorized the first three change orders together, but debated whether to pass the fourth contingent on the county’s price. In the end the board decided to pass the final change order without exceptions.

“By passing this we are letting the contractor know what to do, not to pave half the road. We are just telling him to do what he needs to do, fill the holes back up and patch them so the road can be milled and paved later,” Councilman David Penharlow said.

Glose reported there are still two easements which need to be secured.

The board will meet next on June 12.