Drug busts lead to eight arrests

OBSERVER Staff Report

Two drug busts Thursday have led to the arrest of eight individuals in the city of Dunkirk. The arrests come after a lengthy investigation of narcotics and drugs being sold in the city.

Dunkirk Police officers and detectives in addition to the department’s special response team and members from the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force executed two search warrants at two separate locations. The first warrant was executed at 107 S. Beaver St. where four individuals were taken into custody at 6:30 p.m. Less than two hours later, officers executed another search warrant at 114 S. Gazelle St. where an additional four individuals were arrested. All were charged with various felony charges.

“We’re going to send the message to these neighborhoods and these people that if they want to do their business here, that they might get their door knocked in at some point in time. We’ll do whatever we can to pursue them, wherever we need to and do whatever we need to do. It’s a priority for us,” Dunkirk Police Chief Ortolano said.

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