Twenty years ago – 1993

A new scholarship program for outstanding freshmen has been established at Fredonia State University College and Carla M. McCutcheon of Ripley is one of its first recipients. The Foundation Freshman Award will provide her with a one-year scholarship equal to full tuition. Carla will graduate from high school this June and begin a bachelor’s degree program at Fredonia in the fall. She is the daughter of John and Marie McCutcheon of East Main Road, Ripley.

Thirty years ago – 1983

The Cassadaga Community Baptist Church is observing its 150th anniversary this year. Taking part in the opening of the celebration last Sunday were the Rev. Earl Sidler, pastor of the church; Lois Larson, president of the Cassadaga Valley Historical Society; Ann Miller and Hollis Stowell, descendants of the original settlers of Cassadaga; Raymond Haines Jr., who constructed the sign in front of the church; and Daniel Crandall, mayor of Cassadaga.

Forty years ago – 1973

The new education/social sciences building at Fredonia State University College, which replaces the Old Main on Temple Street in the village, is the largest building on campus and will be open for students this fall.

Fifty years ago – 1963

Carnival Day, sponsored by the junior class at Cassadaga Valley Central School to raise money for their senior trip next year, will be held tomorrow at the school. Games and a rummage sale of children’s clothing also are planned.