Store was a gift to area, authors


I’m disappointed and saddened to see that the Book Nook is closing. In this age of high technology, it has been a true blessing to have a family-friendly book store in our community. I have no interest in owning a Kindle. I cherish holding a book in my hands and I enjoy turning the pages. To me, there is something impersonal about reading electronically.

There have been many times through the years when I have seen books advertised on television that I wanted to purchase. All I needed to do was to call the Book Nook and they would order it for me. If it was in their warehouse, I would have it within days. If not, it only took about two weeks at most before it was in my possession. I have even been able to purchase books that are no longer in print through the Book Nook. I have found their employees to be very courteous and willing to go out of their way to accommodate my needs.

Last year, when I had my first book published, Patty and Rick Donovan graciously took some of them on consignment and encouraged me to do a book signing. My publisher told me that it was highly unusual for a book store to so readily stock books from a first-time author.

The Book Nook has not only been a vibrant part of this community but it has contributed to the local economy by the jobs it has provided.

I, for one, will miss the Book Nook immensely. Thank you Patty and Rick for all the years that you have tirelessly served this community.

Rhonda Elliott is a Fredonia resident.