Happy Mother’s?Day, Mom

Today, my brother Kevin and I, would like to wish our mother Nancy Harvey a special Mother’s Day.

Playing sports growing up, we were always fortunate to look up in the stands and see our mom cheering us on at every game.

My mother is one of four daughters. It’s safe to say she did not have much interest in sports growing up. But having two boys, she was almost forced to enjoy sports as Kevin played hockey and I have been a sports fanatic from a young age.

During the summertime, she made sure I was outside practicing my shooting and dribbling for basketball – clearly I didn’t practice hard enough. During baseball season, she wasn’t afraid to put a glove on and pitch to us.

Being the competitive person I am, she had her hands full when it came to teaching me sportsmanship and how to take defeat.

Between her job and driving us to games and practices, we always had a home-cooked meal for dinner and she was there to help us with our homework. How she ever had time for herself, we still don’t know – Super Mom indeed.

Knowing my love for the Detroit Tigers, every summer Mom would plan a trip to either Baltimore, Toronto or Cleveland to take in a Tigers baseball game – a tradition we still carry on to this day.

Our parents took Kevin and I to our first Buffalo Bills game when we were younger and Mom taught us how to tailgate.

And knowing Kevin’s love for hockey, she took an interest in the Buffalo Sabres.

Kevin and I have been successful in converting our mother into a sports fan as she isn’t afraid to jump in on a sports conversation.

What makes our mom so great is her unselfishness. She always puts everyone else first and doesn’t think twice about it. Despite working a full-time job, she always makes time to visit her mother at the nursing home three to four times a week, she actively participates in sewing groups and is still there for us whenever we need her.

From Kevin and Craig, Happy Mother’s Day Mom, we love you.