Dunkirk: Councilman’s ill voting record

Dunkirk Councilman William J. Rivera is not alone. Others, especially longtime residents, also get ill when they hear about city finances.

Last week, the Second Ward councilman indicated in an article by Gib Snyder that he can get “ill” when he thinks about city finances. And as a council member, he has a little more control over the city coffers at this time than voters do.

But what has he done to cure his illness? Just the opposite. He approves any spending plan that comes before council.

Consider these actions during his 17-month term as a council member:

Last week, he was one of four council members to approve a $200,000 engineering design resolution to address the deteriorating condition of the Lake Front Boulevard seawall.

He approved a total of around $2,700 in annual stipends for volunteers who serve on the Dunkirk Housing Authority last month.

He approved a $22 million city budget that increased the taxes and water rate for this year in November.

In July, he approved the transition of the city clerk from part time to full time.

In April 2012, he gave his support to a new rescue truck for the city Fire Department.

So you see, Rivera may be feeling ill about the finances. But he has no one to blame but himself. He, like the city – and all other governmental entities in Chautauqua County – have a spending problem.

Rubber-stamping plans and purchases does nothing to fix it.