Twenty years ago – 1993

The 21-year-old 3-1-3 program for high school seniors is alive and well, according to Penny Deakin, program director for the past nine years. She said that small communities like Chautauqua County make the program thrive. In 3-1-3, high school seniors are allowed to get a jump on college by taking up to three college classes a semester during their final year of high school?

Thirty years ago – 1983

A number of property owners located in the area of the proposed $10 million harborfront project in Dunkirk met recently to discuss the city’s efforts to acquire their property. While the land owners, mostly small businessmen, don’t seem to relish the prospect of moving from the area, they appear resigned to the fact that the project is likely to go ahead and that they will probably have to move. At the same time, however, they feel it is only right that they receive a fair price for their land and are not forced to sell unless the city is absolutely certain the land will be needed.

Forty years ago – 1973

Paul Dillenkofer, a maintenance electrician at Kraft Foods in Dunkirk, was presented with the J.L. Kraft Jade Ring Merit Award for his outstanding contribution in working out a technical problem at the plant.

Fifty years ago – 1963

The penalty for the non-payment of county taxes jumped from two to three percent as of May 6, the Dunkirk city treasurer’s office recently reminded taxpayers.