Silver Creek Elementary School Choruses take gold at NYSSMA Spring Evaluation Festival

SILVER CREEK – The Silver Creek Elementary Chorus, Intermediate Chorus and Sunshine Singers traveled to Chautauqua Lake High School on May 8 to participate in the New York State School Music Association Spring Choral Evaluation Festival.Written comments were received from two certified NYSSMA adjudicators, who commented on evaluative categories including tone, intonation, balance, technique, accuracy, diction, interpretation, discipline, appearance and appropriate choice of music.

As beginners, the Elementary Chorus of third-graders sang at NYSSMA Level I, with their selections including “New Shoes Blues” by Roger Lentz featuring soloists Kyra Young, Autumn Ellis, and Amanda Ippolito, followed by “Wind on The Hill” and “Who Has Seen The Wind?” both written by Victoria Ebel-Sabo and featuring Nicole Zenns on flute. The Elementary Chorus received a plaque designating a gold rating: “Gold rating will be awarded to organizations that have demonstrated an outstanding level of technical and artistic skill in each of the evaluative categories for all three selections.”

The Intermediate Chorus then sang at a NYSSMA Level II, which is the recommended level for advanced elementary school choruses, and performed two-part treble arrangements including the jazz selection “Spring” by Dave Riley, “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening” by Vera Kistler with sleigh bells played by fourth-grader Jacob Helmer and flute played by Zenns, and the first movement of “Reflections Of A Lad At Sea: The Captain’s Mate” by Don Besig and Nancy Price. The Intermediate Chorus also received a plaque designating a gold rating at Level II.

The Sunshine Singers followed the other two ensembles and performed at a designated NYSSMA Level III, which exceeds the recommended level for advanced elementary school choruses. This select ensemble of fourth- and fifth-graders sang “Winter Sleigh Ride,” a three-part winter song by Cynthia Gray assisted by Zenns on sleigh bells, “Winter’s Masquerade” by Sonia Poorman, also in three parts, and a two-part arrangement of “For The Beauty Of The Earth” by John Rutter. The Sunshine Singers received a plague designating a gold rating at Level III as well.

The judges’ evaluations for the choruses included such comments as “You sing with a healthy vocal technique,” “Most impressive unison and antiphonal singing,” “Great choirs and great repertoire,” and “It is a joy to watch you because you obviously enjoy what you do!” All of the choruses were prepared and conducted by Elementary Choral Director Daniel L. Bromsted, and were assisted by Fran Page on piano. Chaperones included Zenns and Page as well as Alberta Roth, Dennine Vara and student teacher Laura Giberson.

The Sunshine Singers are also noted for their excellent fall musical productions. A production of “Alice In Wonderland” is already being planned for the fall 2013.

Final concert tonight

In addition, all of the choruses regularly perform at four annual concerts throughout the school year at Silver Creek Elementary School. The final concert of this year will be held today with a 9 a.m. as well as 7 p.m. performance in the district auditorium. The Elementary Band under the direction of Zenns will be featured as well as the choruses in the concerts.