Both parties to blame for downfall

I’m not sure what world our politicians inhabit, but it’s not one the rest of us live in. The wasteful spending by both parties is beyond belief and it’s time to challenge our younger generation to see if they can set things straight, and rescue us from the dreadful performance of today’s “leaders.”

It should be crystal-clear by now that neither party can effectively manage this country, and they both deserve to be flushed. Let’s provide them with a one-way ticket to their favorite off-shore tax haven so the rest of us can start over.

Our government has deteriorated into a self-serving group of men seeking to maintain their privileged lifestyle, spending enormous amounts of time and money on re-election. If we’re going to keep our present system of government, limit the term for every elective office. Today’s lawmakers don’t have the guts to do what’s right – they’re focused on re-election and can’t afford to “offend” anyone. Remove the re-election factor by limiting Congress and the president to ONE term, the length of which can be determined by a national referendum.

Let’s focus on rebuilding America as a nation, not an empire. The days of the empire are over, and the people in power need to be reminded of that every day. Billions of dollars in “foreign aid” to countries like Egypt, Syria and Israel? If we can’t put an immediate end to this nonsense, let’s at least call it what it is – a bribe to get these and other countries to behave the way we think they should.

It’s time to gain access to more oil through our real allies, and completely sever our ties to the Middle East. By now we should have developed alternative fuel technologies anyway, instead of spending $400 million studying Mars to find out something we already know … that it’s a desolate planet!

If we close 98 percent of our 700 military bases overseas, we can save precious American lives, and untold billions of dollars. We can defend this country from within our own borders – I’ll join that effort myself, though I’m well past the age for active duty. I have the utmost respect for men and women in uniform – and absolutely none for the politicians and “politically correct” generals who send these good people into harm’s way.

Many of us need to be jolted back to reality, and face up to the disgraceful condition our nation is in, thanks to the financial blunders of politicians from my generation. I haven’t seen measurable progress in reasonable time, and disgust seems to be the proper response to the lack of results.

Are there any men and women out there in their twenties and thirties who have the guts to stand up to Congress and the administration? After all, you are the ones who will inherit this mess.

Far too many of us have become complacent; spectators who think the only things worthwhile in life are entertainment and consumption. It’s a sad commentary when the TV series “The Walking Dead” outdraws “The Bible” series by more than a million viewers. Zombies staggering all over town! This stuff doesn’t even come close to the level of “drivel,” yet this is what millions of Americans watch.

Having the strongest thumbs in history (from texting and playing video games) is not a goal worthy of our younger generation. A worthy goal is to become productive citizens with consciences who know the value of hard work, discipline and sacrifice. We are running out of time to save this nation – my sincere hope is that younger men and women of all races and creeds will step up and provide the true leadership we so desperately need.

Dennis Regan is a Gowanda resident.