Walk-a-thon: Fredonia Elementary hosts fundraiser

Students, faculty and families at Fredonia Elementary were walking for a good cause. The district recently held a walk-a-thon to raise money for the Parents Teachers Association.

Parent Jennifer Darrell-Sterbak knew the PTA wanted to raise money for a new playground and suggested a walkathon as a fundraiser.

“It encourages kids to be healthy and active which is a reason for the playground,” Darrell-Sterbak said.

The current playground at the elementary school is geared for older students. When former Wheelock students came to the elementary school, the playground was not made for students in grades pre-k or kindergarten. These students are required to use a smaller, separate playground.

With money raised, an addition to the existing playground will be added on to accommodate children of a younger age. Each grade level of about 100 students walked around the track for 45 minutes to an hour. The goal of the PTA is to raise $5,000 for the new playground. Parents and grandparents were encouraged to come and walk with their children or grandchildren as they completed laps around the track. Parent Sara Tuccio came to walk with her students.

“I think it’s a great event promoting physical fitness and kids being outside. It’s a great new fundraiser for the kids,” Tuccio said.

Mary Zanghi also came to support her grandson who is in the third grade and his class while they walked. Zanghi said she was “very proud” of her grandson for participating. Darrell-Sterbak thought it was wonderful parents and grandparents came to support their loved ones.

“I like that parents, grandparents came. It makes it more fun for the kids,” Darrell-Sterbak said.

Principal Amy Piper thanked the PTA and Darrell-Sterbak for organizing the event, and the parents who showed up. She hopes the event will become an annual tradition at the school.

“…Really proud of the enthusiasm and excitement to be outside,” Piper said.

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