Forestville holds budget hearing

FORESTVILLE – School Business Administrator Carolyn Robertson spoke during the recent budget hearing for Forestville Central School.

After consulting with the few members of the public present, she gave a shortened presentation since most were already aware of the budget numbers.

Robertson explained the budget was crafted by using a combination of increase in the tax levy, cost cutting and use of reserves in about equal amounts.

The proposed tax levy is $3,622,430. The estimated tax rate is $18.01 per thousand, up 67 cents per thousand over last year. The levy increased by 3.9 percent which is less than the tax cap of 4.47 that applies to the district. This means the budget can pass by garnering a simple majority of those who vote on it – 50 percent plus one.

Cost cutting measures include an elimination of 3.5 positions, two of which are teaching positions.

Finally, $174,000 of the district’s reserves will be used to keep the tax levy lower.

The total budget at $11,483,188 is down .31 percent from last year’s total of $11,519,320.

The district will also have a second proposition on the ballot for this year’s vote. The district is seeking approval to buy two large buses, a small bus, and a sedan at a total cost of $270,000.

“We want to continue with our six-year bus maintenance program,” Robertson said. She added that 80 percent of the costs are reimbursable by the state.

There were no questions or comments on the budget.

The budget vote will take place on May 21. Voting will be held from 1 to 8 p.m. at the high school auditorium entrance. There is also one vacancy on the board of education. Bruce Ellis, the incumbent, is running unopposed.

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