Reed’s company is problematic


Like most Upstate New Yorkers, I respect the Second Amendment as settled law. Anyone who has troubled to actually read the SAFE Gun Act knows the law does nothing to infringe on the right of law abiding and mentally sound New Yorkers to access and own firearms.

Congressman Tom Reed rejects this sensible legislation. On April 27, he attended and spoke at an anti-SAFE Gun rally in Horseheads where he said, “They don’t know what they stepped into up in Albany by trying to take away people’s freedom.”

Congressman’s Reed’s ignorance is surpassed only by the company he keeps. One proclaimed sponsor of the rally was the Oath Keepers. Oath Keepers is a right wing extremist group that encourages military personnel and peace officers to disobey “unconstitutional orders.” Its website targets as “Red Coats” individuals as centrist as retired general Stanley McChrystal and Congressman Peter King of Long Island.

Congressman Reed has embarrassed himself and his constituents by appearing at a rally where the Oath Keepers manned a booth and took such a visible role. An informed politician would know better than to keep company with such extremists. Sensible residents of the New York 23rd Congressional district will not forget the company Tom Reed keeps in November 2014.