March Chautauqua Lake Central School Students of the Month

Students of the Month at Chautauqua Lake Central School, honored for March achievements, are Mary Schmitz, Molly Hindman, Michael Parker, Alan Christie, Taylor Phelps, and Hannah Gilmore. The student recognition program honors students in grades seven through 12 whose classroom performance, attitude toward learning, work ethic and extra-curricular activities set them apart. Teachers Marlea Brown and Amy Redman coordinate the Student of the Month recognition program at the secondary school.

Senior Mary Schmitz is the daughter of Jon and Elizabeth Schmitz of Mayville. English, French, and history are Schmitz’s favorite subjects, and next school year she will be a Rotary International exchange student, living in Belgium. Schmitz participates in soccer and track. She is active in the school musical; in the chorus and chorale; and in the band, where she plays trumpet. Her other activities include National Honor Society, Student Administration, Sources of Strength, High School Bowl academic team, the Envirothon, Rotary Interact Club, the school newspaper and the yearbook. She is a lector at St. Mary of Lourdes church. When asked what person in history she admires, Schmitz said “Condoleezza Rice because she had the motivation and courage to pursue a field that was not usually pursued by women or African Americans.” To be another person for a day, Schmitz said, “I would want to be a non-English speaking person and hear English without understanding it.”

Art is the favorite subject of junior Molly Brenna Hindman, daughter of Brette and Craig Hindman of Dewittville. Molly participates in High School Bowl, the Envirothon, the French and Spanish Clubs, and Impact Club. She enjoys reading and sketching and listening to Toby Mac, Newsboys, and Switchfoot. Outside of school she enjoys writing and spending time with her family. Hindman said, “I also have found a greater appreciation for sleeping this year.” Her plans after high school are to attend college, with no specific career in mind at this time. Jesus is the person Hindman admires “for limitless reasons: perfect, all-powerful, just. He exists whether or not people believe in Him.” To be another person for a day, Hindman said it was not worth considering because “I make enough of my own problems; I wouldn’t want to add to theirs.”

Sophomore Michael Parker, who is the son of Jim and Judy Parker of Mayville, selected chemistry and English as his favorite subjects. Parker plays soccer and also competes on the track team and boys’ swim team. He is an active participant in Peer Education, Peer Tutoring, High School Bowl, Student Administration, Sources of Strength, and Impact Club. Music is important to Michael. He plays the guitar; is a member of the chorus and chorale; plays clarinet in the band; and recently performed in the school musical. Parker is an Eagle Scout with Troop 126; is a member of the 9th NY Cavalry Company F, dismounted for Civil War Re-enactors; and is a National Geographic Explorers alumnus. His other activities outside of school include running, Chautauqua County Footsteps for Christian Teens, and church youth group. After high school, he will attend college and do missionary work. The person in history Parker admires is David from the Bible, “because of the amount of courage it took to face Goliath was just incredible, and I hope I can live such a life of courage.” Regarding being another person for a day, Parker said, “I would be a missionary, because I think it would be awesome to be able to travel the world and serve God.”

Alan Christie is the son of Jeffrey and Frances Christie of Mayville. Christie is a freshman who enjoys engineering and math. He is a member of Sources of Strength and plays hockey and golf. He enjoys playing the drums and piano. Christie plans to attend college to be an engineer. The person he admires is his dad, because “My dad is a successful businessman, which is what I aspire to be.” Christie wants to know what it would be like to be in the National Hockey League; he would like to be Ryan Miller for a day.

Taylor Lauren Phelps, an eighth grader, is the daughter of William and Katie Phelps of Ashville. English and social studies are Phelps’s favorite subjects, and she wants to go to college. She plays basketball and soccer at school, and outside of school enjoys playing the piano. Phelps most admires Amelia Earhart because she wanted to try something that no one else has done before and she was going to prove people wrong. To be another person for a day, she would like to be her brother, Will “To see what it’s like being a baby again.”

Seventh grader Hannah Gilmore is the daughter of Samantha and Lee Gilmore of Mayville. Hannah selected English and science as her favorite subjects. She plays soccer and track and enjoys flute, piano, ballet, and jazz dance. Long-range plans for Hannah include college and becoming an aerospace engineer, perhaps working for NASA. The person from history whom Gilmore admires is Joan of Arc, because “Joan of Arc was a warrior, and she was brave.” Her Aunt Nicki is Gilmore’s selection if she could be another person for a day. “She is a scientist and has a cool job. I look up to her a lot.”