Another step in the process

As a number of residents head to their schools to vote on the proposed budgets and candidates for their Board of Education today, a much larger vote for the area looms in the next month.

Today, both the Westfield and Brocton boards of education are meeting after the budget votes. They are expected to approve the next step of the merger proposal – a straw vote, which moves the process forward. If approved, both districts will be asking residents to vote on whether to continue on the path to a merger.

If approved by the boards, the “straw vote” is scheduled to take place on June 18. Residents from both districts must vote yes to move on. If one community votes no, the process ends.

A lot of time and effort – by the communities as well as the districts – have gone into this process. And not a lot of opposition has been publicly voiced.

We hope that is a good sign.