Twenty years ago – 1993

Stine Larsen of Norway will end her year as an American Field Service student at Westfield in a special way. Her parents will be here to attend her graduation in June. Alfed and Alma Larsen will be coming from Finnsnes, Norway. They will also be traveling to Carthage, NY, to become reacquainted with Stine’s exchange student sister who lives there and stayed with the Larsens in Norway. Stine has thoroughly enjoyed her stay in Westfield with her host family, Paul and Janet Odell and their twin daughters, Jennie and Lindy.

Thirty years ago – 1983

A large addition currently is being added at the Ripley Super Duper, 31 West Main St., Ripley. Store manager Al Knight noted the addition, which is L-shaped, should be completed by summer and will almost double the size of the store. The business is owned by Paul Elchynski of North East, Pa.

Forty years ago – 1973

The Chautauqua County Fair Board of Directors has approved plans for construction of a new entrance for the fairgrounds. It will include a lighted lettered sign.

Fifty years ago – 1963

Mrs. Theophil Muzacz, 13 Middle Road, Dunkirk was announced today as a winner of the St. Anne Award of the Youth Department National Welfare Conference for her work with various Girl Scout troops.