New information on cuts

Some numbers have been revealed for the layoffs at Lake Shore Hospital.

According to SEIU 1199 Community Coordinator Franchelle Hart, there are still some unknowns.

“We don’t have any concrete numbers for layoffs at the hospital yet,” she said Thursday afternoon.

She said what they do know is the layoffs in the Lake Shore Nursing Home.

“What we do know is that 11 union members and all the per diem staff were let go from the Lake Shore Nursing Home,” she reported.

She said SEIU 1199 will know the final number of layoffs by the end of next week. She said they should also know at that time if the layoffs will extend to Brooks Memorial Hospital in Dunkirk.

Lake Shore Hospital/TLC Health Network and Brooks Memorial Hospital are overseen by the Lake Erie Regional Health System of New York. LERHSNY was formed in 2008 in response to New York State’s Commission on Health Care Facilities.

In a release from LERHSNY officials Wednesday, it was said the corporation has not experienced the expected efficiencies and cost savings and also has to deal with lower government reimbursement.

As a result of this the release said it is eliminating duplicate services in order to improve efficiency.

“While a change in workforce is never easy, managing the resources of LERHSNY as effectively as possible ensures we are able to provide the highest level care and treatment now and in the future,” the release stated.

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