Rotarians welcome two new members

Westfield/Mayville Rotarians welcomed two new members recently, Patricia “Patty” Ballman and Lucy Petrella, both sworn in by Don Dowling, Membership chair.

Ballman became a corporate representative of Westfield Memorial Hospital as its administrator in January. A 33-year veteran from Saint Vincent Health System, parent hospital of WMH, Ballman has experience in all aspects of operating a hospital. As 16-year director of Operations for SVHS’s Medical Group, she was responsible for the development and implementation of physician practice management strategies and evidence-based delivery care models to increase efficiency, promote positive clinical outcomes and accelerate financial performance.

Her objectives for the hospital, which was founded by the Westfield Rotary Club in 1942, are very much like those of international Rotarians.

“We need to work to coordinate care with good transitions,” Ballman said. “If we lose track of why we’re here, we’re not going to achieve any of these goals.”

Petrella, who lives in Westfield, is retired from Welch’s but that doesn’t keep her sitting around all day. She strongly supports the YWCA and works with the Westfield Recreation Department. In addition, she is a volunteer at Center Stage Dance Studio, Patterson Library and the First United Methodist Church in Westfield.