Brocton passes rate increases for water and sewer usage

BROCTON – No public comment was expressed during the official public hearing on rate increases for Village of Brocton water and sewer rates since no members of the public were present.

During the new business portion of the regular meeting of the Brocton Village Board, resolutions were passed calling for water rates to be increased .10/1,000 gallons compared to previous rates and for sewer rates to be raised to $3.03/1,000 gallons of metered water (inside village limits.)

Both rates were proposed for increase by the board at prior meetings in order to meet expenditures and put a dent into the debt service associated with capital improvement projects made to the village’s resource infrastructure.

After both resolutions passed, Mayor David Hazelton commented that the sewer rate increase is the first in the 30-year period since the local sewer treatment system was built.

New rates for water service will be tabulated as follows: water rates for inside the Village of Brocton limits, $20/first 4,000 gallons and $4.55 per each additional thousand; Town of Portland water districts, Lakeview Prison (New York State Department of Corrections, and Western New York Developmental Disabilities Service Office, $5.71/1,000 gallons with no minimum; and other outside customers who are not within a Town of Portland water district, $7.23/1,000 gallons with no minimum.

Sewer rental rates, which will be based upon metered water consumption to the premises, will be charged as follows: Water customers inside village limits, $3.03/1,000 gallons of metered water; WNYDDSO, $6.11/1,000 gallons of metered water; other outside village limit customers with the exception of Lakeview Prison’s existing contract payment, $5.90/1,000 gallons of metered water.

In addition, the village board also resolved to increase the industrial/commercial waste surcharge. Industrial treatment requires more than normal strength of sewage treatment work involved.

Industrial treatment rates will be amended to reflect a $1 surcharge per pound accordingly and will be computed by the chief operator of the facility.

In other matters, Village Attorney Sam Drayo reported to the board members that work is still continuing in getting a resolution for finalizing a water contract with New York State.

“We are continuing to work diligently to get this resolved. The issue is that DOCCS wants a cost estimate over a 15-year period so that they can approve or disapprove it. They’re a big consumer (of Brocton water) which we appreciate, but they should be in the same playing field as the rest of our ratepayers. Why they want this is beyond me. The state’s own budget is adopted on a yearly basis and I don’t think their position is fair.”

The board will hold its fiscal year end meeting on Wednesday at 7 p.m. to close out any fiscal or related business.