New Bariatric Surgery Support Group plans meeting

JAMESTOWN – A Bariatric Surgery Support Group meeting is now being held at the Prendergast Library, 509 Cherry St. in Jamestown. It is being held the first Tuesday of each month from 6 to 7 p.m. in the Fireplace Room on the second floor. An elevator is available if needed. There is free parking after 5 p.m.

The meetings are open to anyone who is in the process of having surgery, has had the surgery or is just thinking about having the surgery. The next meeting is on June 3.

An attendance sheet will be sent to the participant’s doctor’s office, regardless of what doctor the member may go to or are planning to go to, along with a description of the program that was held that month. No medical questions will be answered at the meetings; it is asked that participants contact their surgeon for those questions. It will be just a fun night. There will be door prizes at each meeting.

Speakers for some of the meetings are planned, such as fitness instructors, dieticians, representatives from consignment stores, psychologists and people who have had the surgery so that members can find out how successful they were.

For more information, contact Marsha at 244-0293 (leave a message if there is no answer).