Hanover looks to solve problem of dog waste fouling the town beach

HANOVER – There is one thing ruining the summer beach experience in the town of Hanover. Residents have complained dog waste is a problem at the pier on the town beach.

“Some residents are more respectful than others in cleaning up after their dogs,” Councilman Kevin O’Connell said.

He reported residents complaining of a high volume of dog waste at the jetty on the town beach. He said after seeing the notice in the paper of the dog waste bag receptacles in Silver Creek, he said residents have asked the town to look into the option.

“The problem is definitely getting worse,” Highway Superintendent Steve D’Angelo noted.

O’Connell said he has seen the dispensers at other places and suggested one be put in place for the popular area.

He said he would ask the village the cost to get one for the beach area.

The town board also set a public hearing date for June 19 at 7 p.m. for improvements to the wastewater treatment plant to be paid for by the sewer district through serial bonds issued by the town for a maximum cost up to $5.3 million. The board also declared itself the lead agent under the State Environmental Quality Review Act.

Wastewater Operator Mark Ellis, suggested the board lower the permit fee for a sewer inspection. He said the fee was lowered from $500 to $150, but the cost still deters residents from getting a permit and inspection. He said without an inspection, residents could face sewer gas backing up into the house, plugs in the system or matter backing up into the house. He said he thinks a small filing fee would make it so residents don’t avoid purchasing the permit and getting the inspection. The town board took no action.

D’Angelo said the Sunset Bay Drainage project is done except for some paving. He said it took longer than expected due to many unanticipated things being dug up. He thanked the water and wastewater departments for their help. He said he saw a lot of water coming out of the line and hopes it solves the area’s drainage problem.

He said there was no update on the permits or funding for dredging Catta-raugus Creek near the boat launch. Edward Schintius said so far Mother Nature has cooperated and the water level at the town boat launch has been great. D’Angelo said the project will still have to be done in the near future.