Columnist’s views are filled with flaws

This is in regard to a recent commentary “Funny what we can afford when it suits us.”

I’d like to start out by saying that the effect that bipartisan government has on the issue of our treatment of the mentally ill, as well as most political issues, creates a cycle of “doing and undoing.”

That is about the only statement in the entire commentary by columnist Paul Christopher that I find agreeable. Christopher, who smiles in his picture donning a Vietnam Veteran hat, makes the statement, “The real issue of there just being too many guns in this country.”

This is curious, as being a veteran of any war/a member or former member of any U.S military service, he swore to defend the Constitution. He did not swear to defend it unless he decided he disagreed with it or until it no longer suited him. This immediately highlights a flaw to his personal character.

Also, I’d like to point out the bias with reference to his comments opposing “Saint Ronald Reagan.” I challenge him, or anyone to show me a politician, that when presented with a situation where he/she has the opportunity to appease both sides of the political spectrum, who wouldn’t do so. Reagan, presented with the GOP’s desire to decrease spending and essentially pave the way for privatized care, and the liberal agenda, which identified many long-term psychiatric centers as “warehousing” facilities guilty of mistreating the mentally ill, decided to do what any politician would do.

Shutting down those facilities essentially met the demands of both parties. We do have shortcomings with regards to how we care for the mentally ill, but it is only in the eyes of those who don’t care for reality, the fault of an individual or single political party.

Nobody can decide that our Constitutional rights should be re-evaluated. That would conflict with the fact that they are our Constitutional rights in the first place.

The gun control debate was most certainly sparked by a chain of recent events in which mentally unstable individuals acted out violently. Prior to Newtown, Conn., the issue all over the news was the “fiscal cliff.” Democrats everywhere jumped on the gun-control band wagon as soon as it became politically convenient for them to do so.

Their fear-mongering campaign spread over a populace that is largely uneducated with regard to firearms, and its exploitative nature is deplorable. Anyone who disagrees with my viewpoint is free to do so until someone on Capitol Hill decides that the First Amendment too, is antiquated. Thank you for your time.

Matthew Duggan, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, is a Silver Creek resident.