Schools: Clarence plan worth watching

While the latest chapter in school budget votes has concluded locally, other Western New York districts are struggling to put another plan up for approval by district residents.

In Clarence, where the median income is more than $80,000, a nearly 10 percent tax rate increase was defeated last week. Now, school board members have pared down the tax hike to about 3.8 percent, according to The Buffalo News.

Included in the budget are additional staffing cuts – to teachers, administration and support staff.

Was it arrogance or overconfidence by the school the first time it put up a plan that raised taxes by 9.8 percent? No matter how wealthy the residents – and the high quality of education offered – is a 10 percent tax hike realistic for property owners?

Taxes are already too high in Western New York. Even a place with a 3.8 percent tax hike may have trouble passing in this district.

All area school budgets passed in our region, but what is happening in Clarence is worthy of our attention. It proves that residents, even wealthy ones, have reached a limit on paying for education.