Americans are losing the battle


The following comment is a wake-up call to all Americans who have tolerated the permissiveness and liberal thinking by those who live in this country but who are out of touch with reality. The following comments are accurate and to the point.

In Texas, a student raised the Mexican flag on a flag pole. Another student took the Mexican flag down. Guess who got expelled from school? You guessed it, the kid who took the Mexican flag down. What justice is this we live in? America, not Mexico, so what was the school’s reason? Only the school can answer that question.

Kids in high school in California were sent home from school this year on Cinco de Mayo because they wore T-shirts with the American flag on them because they were proud to be American.

Again, what are the school officials thinking? This is the U.S., not Mexico. Let me make this perfectly clear.

This is my country that our forefathers built when they came here from Europe. They were given nothing, they asked for nothing. They worked and died here, some died serving their country. What makes other nationalities think they are better than our forefathers?

My last comment is that immigrants are welcome here only if it is legally by our laws. Get a sponsor and get a job. Live by our rules. Pay your taxes. Learn the language.

That’s right! Try to get a job and communicate with the rest of us if you don’t speak English and don’t demand that we hand over our life savings of Social Security funds to you. When will Americans stop giving away their rights?

We have gone so far the other way, we have bent over backward so not to offend anyone but it seems no one cares about us; the American citizen. Only God knows, but I am sure the Liberals will be offended that I mentioned the word God, which is what this country stands for no matter what the non-believers say.

There are no non-believers in the foxholes during battle. Just remember that this country is in a transition period. I hope it is for the good. God bless all the believers and all the decent citizens in this country.