Taking care of business

FORESTVILLE – The process wasn’t easy, quick or harmonious, but the Forestville Village Board, under the leadership of Mayor Linda Aures, worked its way through a full agenda on Tuesday.

The two resolutions dealing with hiring of temporary personnel generated the most discussion by the board, in addition to out-of-order comments by the public.

A resolution made by Trustee Margaret Borrello and seconded by Trustee David Bishoff authorized Aures to enter into a 60-day renewable contract with Patrick Valvo, formally designating him as certified operator in responsible charge (for the water system).

Before the resolution was made Bishoff said, “You can’t get a better water person.”

A member of the public asked to see the resolution and another asked what the pay rate was.

Aures told the public that the resolution would be available after the meeting.

Another member of the public said, “What an attitude!” Other noises of disapproval could be heard.

Trustee Ronald Lineman addressed the mayor. “I warned you, I don’t like this last-minute stuff,” he said.

He and Deputy Mayor Kevin Johnson carefully read the job description for the position.

Aures explained, “Chuck (Brewster) is not licensed. John (Carpenter) does not want to do it every day. We have to have the water tested every day.”

Deputy Mayor Kevin Johnson asked, “I take it by the 60-day contract this is a temporary fix?”

Aures told him that was correct.

Working supervisor Charles Brewster told the board that he needed a combination of course work and experience before he could get his conditional license. He said the time he had worked for the village could be applied retroactively.

He said, “Winter classes didn’t work out for me to get to them.” He then estimated that he would have his license by August.

The vote for hiring Valvo was unanimous.

A motion made to hire Janice Rundell as a temporary part-time account clerk at a rate of $11 per hour with no other benefits for a period of up to 90 days, working no more than $15 per hour, generated even more discussion.

Lineman wanted to know why one person was being hired since the board, at its last meeting, had approved two items. Village Attorney Michael Sullivan said, “The creation of a position is different than filling it.”

Sullivan explained that the positions created were there in case there was a need.

Johnson had a number of questions. He wondered why the position was temporary when the village needed a permanent position and why a person would be brought in and then possibly let go.

James White, village clerk, said what he needed now was help with forensic accounting – that is, finding old records and putting things in order. Once the records were in order, it would be a different thing entirely to do routine clerical work.

Johnson then voiced his disagreement with the hiring process. He said he had nothing against Janice Rundell, who was clerk in the Town of Arkwright, but thought there should be more applicants from whom to choose.

The vote on this appointment was not unanimous. Trustees Borrello, Lineman and Bishoff and Mayor Aures voted for the resolution. Deputy Mayor Johnson voted against it.

The board unanimously approved payment to contractor H & K services for work on the well tie-ins for the water project and payment to engineers Clark Patterson Lee for professional services. Both resolutions are contingent on approval for Environmental Facilities Corporation funding agency and the Department of Health.

The board approved a motion to spend $60 to sponsor WDOE/Kix Country broadcast of the Lady Hornet softball playoff game June 1, providing the team gets to that point.

The board also authorized the mayor to formally correspond with the Town of Hanover requesting creation of a new water district. According to Brewster, about 48 households are outside the village.

In her final remarks, Aures noted that tax collection at Evans Bank was not economical, so taxes would be paid in the village and hours of collection would be posted in the newspaper. She reminded everyone that the next regular board meeting was scheduled for June 12 at 7 p.m. She thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

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