The art of friendship

Today we’re going to talk about friendship. This is a precious relationship. Each of us can have as many friends as we want, but we have to work at it. Remember the old saying that the best way to get a friend is to be a friend? Just how do you do that? It takes time and effort. You have to care enough about that person or persons to be available. You have to be aware of his or her needs and be there to help out. “Help” indicates action. You aren’t going to give just lip service. You’re going to help out by doing whatever it takes to solve a problem. Your action shows that you sincerely care.

Spending time with prospective friends is essential. Maybe you can help out by cooking a delicious dinner for him or her. Or if that person likes sports, you can get tickets to a game. If he or she likes music, make a date to go to a concert. Find out what activities your new friend likes and offer to do them together, or go watch talented people in that field. Ask questions about how they like to spend their time and tell them what your favorite things are. Talk about your families, what your dreams for the future are, and be sure to give that person equal time to talk. Are you a good listener? Listening shows you care and it’s the only way you will find out what you have in common.

Show your new friend that you have a forgiving nature. Give forgiveness and ask for forgiveness. It works miracles! If you haven’t mastered the art of communication, do so! Remember, communicating is 90 percent listening and 10 percent talking. It’s an art form we should all learn.

And now, I’d like to share with you a beautiful recipe written by an unknown author. Enjoy it and save it.

Recipe for Life

1 cup of good thoughts

1 cup of kind thoughts

1 cup of consideration for others

3 cups of forgiveness

2 cups of well-beaten faults

Whip them all together thoroughly; add tears of joy and sorrow and sympathy for others. Fold in four cups of prayer and faith to lighten the other ingredients and raise the texture to great heights of good living.

After pouring all of this into your daily life, bake well with heat of loving kindness. Serve with a smile!

Isn’t that beautiful?

P.S. Tonight I made a new friend. After church, my friends and I decided to go for ice cream at the new place that opened up in Fredonia. The owner is a young man, Martin Lydell. We decided to try his chocolate cone with peanut butter. It was delicious and the single cone was big! Besides the ice cream, there were beautiful silk dresses there for sale for $12.98! Beautiful jewelry, too. There are several businesses in the store. This is so encouraging! Let’s support new businesses. We need them!

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