Westfield to hold ‘Civil War Weekend’

WESTFIELD – During the weekend of June 8-9, the McClurg Museum of Westfield will hold their annual Civil War Weekend. In commemoration of the community’s history, two of the events will take place in St. Peter’s. On Saturday, June 8 from 2 to 3 p.m. in Bailey Hall, there will be a reading of actual letters sent home to families in Westfield from soldiers fighting in the war. On Sunday, June 9 the 10 a.m. service of Holy Eucharist will be conducted from the 1854 Book of Common Prayer. Period costumes are optional and are welcomed.

Of notable interest is William Henry Seward’s (May 16, 1801 – Oct. 10, 1872) connection with St. Peter’s. As a politician, Seward served as the 12th Governor of New York, and he was a United States Senator and the United States Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. Seward was adamantly against slavery. He became a formidable candidate in the Republican Party. But, in 1860 he would lose his party’s presidential nomination.

Seward went on to become a member of Lincoln’s wartime cabinet and helped to prevent the intervention of foreign influence. On the same night of Lincoln’s assassination, Seward survived an attempt on his own life. Seward came to Westfield in 1836 and served as an agent for the Holland Land Company. He would move to the McClurg Mansion after spending the first two months living at the village tavern.

Come and be a part of the community’s live and historical events. St. Peter’s is located at the heart of Westfield in Moore Park. They are also online and on Facebook.