Small fire at Dunkirk High School snuffed out

A small fire in a Dunkirk High School maintenance room was quickly extinguished before it could cause any extensive damage early Friday morning.

According to Chief Keith Ahlstrom of the Dunkirk Fire Department, fire crews responded to the school’s automatic alarm just after midnight.

The fire was located in a custodian’s closet, where a small fan had overheated. The fan’s base had melted, causing some nearby papers and a desk to catch on fire.

“The situation could have been much worse,” Ahlstrom said. “Thankfully, the alarm system worked properly and we had access to keys to the building, so we didn’t have to wait for someone to let us in.”

Fire crews extinguished the fire in under 10 minutes, then stayed on the scene for another hour to clear the smoke out of the building. Minimal damage was done to the room.

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