Lights are a work in progress for repaired Brocton arches

BROCTON – With the Brocton Arches standing tall once again, many in town have been anxiously awaiting the final piece of the project – the lights.

Electric Lineman for the village, Joe Majkowski, reassured those who have been inquiring during the village board meeting.

“I know people are anxious, but it is in the process,” Majkowski said.

“I’d like to thank Joe personally, he’s taken the lighting of our arch on as his own, and has really done a great job, I appreciate all of his hard work,” added Mayor Dave Hazelton.

The lights, which will consist of color-changing L.E.D. fixtures, arrived in their first shipment this week to the village from ColorKinetics, a vendor of Philips.

According to Village Clerk Karen Ardillo, all components are expected to be in before the end of June, and will likely not be up until July or early August.

“We have to wait until all parts are received, and then Joe has a lot of work to do, really piece by piece, once everything is received – things like painting the bases of the fixtures to match the arch, wiring, etcetera. There will be a lot of modifications to the actual light piece itself, and then Joe will need to ensure that everything is water tight and sealed properly before they’re lit,” stated Ardillo.

She confirmed that the lights around the arch’s halo will remain white and the same “Brocton” sign will be placed in the center. The original sign that hung in the center consisted of metal and was taken down in the early 1980’s because of its weight and potential to fall down into traffic.

In other matters, the clerk noted that Brocton has been selected to be honored by CHRIC’s NeighborWorks Week 2013 on June 1-8. The generous facilitators of the historic preservation grant that revived the arch, CHRIC will be celebrating Brocton’s community pride the entire week. On Saturday, June 8 hot dogs and refreshments will be served for any volunteers that are willing to chip in with CHRIC to spruce up the downtown. Volunteers will also be entered for gift card giveaways from Home Depot. Beautification tasks will take place from 9 a.m. until noon along Main Street.

Trustee Art Donovan reminds residents that he will be out and about checking for lawn heights and reminds village residents to be sure their lawns are being maintained regularly.

Village Trustee Gary Planty also reported to the board his progress in getting the summer recreation program underway. He and Donovan will be meeting with village of Westfield officials, as well as Westfield Recreation Director Venn Blakely, to explore the possibility of co-programming this summer while renovations are still taking place at Brocton Central School, where the program is typically based from. If all parties agree to travel to Westfield for programs, Planty explained, BCS would be approached for transportation to and from programs there. Planty also noted the Ahira Hall Memorial Library’s Summer Concert in the Park is drawn up, with concerts beginning at Ryckman Park in Brocton on July 11 featuring Uncle Ben’s Remedy. Concerts will be held on Thursdays in the park July 11 through Aug. 15, featuring sounds from locally-known musicians. For more information, concert goers may contact the library or Village Hall.

Portland Bicentennial Festival Committee chair Ed Wood was also on-hand to address the board about necessary items needed to set up for the July celebration on the grounds of the Brocton Legion. He confirmed that no bonfire has been slated as part of the weekend’s events, but reminds people to take part in the many events that are currently taking place leading up to the celebration weekend July 12-14. For more information on the bicentennial and its related events, residents can visit the official website,

The board will meet again on May 29 at 7 p.m. in order to close their fiscal year.