Cyclists offer thanks to police


I would like to compliment the Dunkirk Police Department on their assistance Sunday, May 19.

I had organized a bicycle ride in Dunkirk for some of our Team Hollyloft riders and our friends and customers in Dunkirk.

To my surprise more than 50 riders showed up for the ride. We left from the pier in four groups and were fortunate enough to have the Dunkirk Police help us get the rides started. The police stopped traffic at the intersection so we could get a safe start to our rides.

I wish I had asked for the name of officer who came to talk to us, but I neglected to do so. He was very helpful and friendly.

We had a lot of comments on how nice it was that we were assisted in our ride.

Team Hollyloft would like to officially thank your Police Department for their help. It was truly appreciated.



A delivery

of assistance


Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, nor 6-year-old boy with his pant leg stuck in his bike chain, keeps this courier from the swift completion of his appointed rounds.

A special thank you to Dunkirk’s United States Postal Carrier Paul Hickey who came to the rescue when my pant leg was stuck in my bike chain.

Mr. Hickey was like a superhero who swiftly swooped down to untangle me, wrapped a rubberband around my pant leg to prevent it from happening again and then sent me cruising on my way.

Thank you Mr. Hickey! The kids of our neighborhood are very lucky to have you.