Coming clean in Shoreline Sweep


Sunset Bay held its fifth annual Spring Cleanup in May, partnering for the first time with Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper as part of the Shoreline Sweep.

As in previous years, a multitude of tires were washed in from the lake. Volunteers filled a dumpster, generously donated by Casella Waste Systems, with trash washed in by Cattaraugus Creek and Lake Erie, as well as litter dropped by the less-conscientious among us.

It’s continually frustrating, however, to spend hours cleaning up other people’s messes, only to have litter reappear merely hours later. Though the town of Hanover has made an important and much needed first step by installing trash cans – with attractive surrounds – at the breakwall and in the Beach Park, more receptacles are needed, especially with summer guests arriving soon.

Any lingering resentment I had toward a problem that never really goes away was easily tempered, though, by the number of children who participated this year. Along with their associated grown-ups, these enthusiastic young citizens made their community a cleaner and healthier place and I would like to especially thank them for their help. Their presence helped keep me from becoming too jaded at the thought of having to pick up trash all over again in the fall.

The next Clean Up is scheduled for Sept. 21.

Many thanks again to all of the volunteers, Casella Waste, the town of Hanover and Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper. Though the work is never fully done, our efforts do make a difference.

Anne Neaf is an Irving resident.