Scaring away the tourists


I couldn’t resist piping in on the statement made (May 25) that if the current boating law was changed, non-residents would be arrested if they had not taken the boater safety course.

What in the world are they doing in Albany? Attempting to kill our summer recreation based economy? Yeah. Let’s make it even more difficult for non-residents to visit; that’s just what we want to do.

Many non-residents come here for short periods of recreation and fishing and if I was mandated to take a written test, I would consider very seriously in keeping my money that I would normally have spent on gas, lodging, food/beverages, launching fees, bait, souvenir shopping, sales tax, bed tax, gasoline tax, admission fees, tolls and every other reason I would have to put my hand in my pocket!

Oh, I forgot. How much is the test going to cost? Just what we need, headlines for individuals who may log on to the county newspaper web sites to search for possible vacation information in Chautauqua County and have them see the threat of arrest.

Sad, so awfully sad.