Summer recreation programs merging

BROCTON – With the straw vote for a potential merger between Brocton and Westfield school districts approaching, another merger has formed as the school year draws to a close.

The Village of Brocton Board of Trustees recently voted to begin the Brocton/Portland Recreation Program for the season to be held in conjunction with the Village of Westfield Recreation Program for the 2013 season.

Continued construction at Brocton’s campus, in-cluding one week when electric service will be unavailable, forced the usual Brocton/Portland program to seek alternatives this season.

Trustees Gary Planty and Art Donovan and members of the Portland Town Council youth and recreation committee subsequently met with Westfield Recreation Director Venn Blakely to inquire about co-programming.

Upon a recommendation from Blakely, the Westfield Village Board approved Brocton and Portland participants using their facilities and joining their programs at a cost of $25 per registration.

Recreation employees and participants will be bused to and from Brocton Central School to Welch Field, contingent on Brocton Board of Education approval, at an estimated cost of $6,236.

Registration for Brocton and Portland youth will take place on June 12 from 3-5 p.m. at Village Hall in Brocton and again on June 15 from 9 a.m. to noon.

Registration forms are available at the Town of Portland or Village of Brocton municipal offices, with the deadline being June 15. Early registration is encouraged so that planning for programs can be as accurate as possible.

In other matters, BCS Superintendent John Hertlein addressed the board of trustees regarding the June 18 straw vote that will decide the course of a potential merger between the two school districts.

Hertlein encouraged residents to research the situation and take part in the straw vote and to simply vote for “what’s best for the kids” in the district.

Village Clerk Karen Ardillo noted that village taxes would be in the mail as of Friday, as the village’s fiscal year comes to a close, and that for a two-year period, the uncollected total for electric service amounted to $9,247. The uncollected total is a result of consumers who are protected by Department of Social Services status or undelivered collection notices due to change of addresses, or lack of current contact information.

The board will next meet Wednesday at 7 p.m.