Perrysburg decides about filters


OBSERVER Staff Writer

PERRYSBURG – The town of Perrysburg had to make decisions regarding filters to be used in the water treatment plant. Engineer Mark Alianello gave an update on the water treatment plant.

The filter boxes were going to be carbon steel painted with epoxy, Alianello said. The contractor came in and said if he could switch to aluminum, he would do it at no additional cost to the town.

Alianello said the aluminum filter boxes received the OK from the Chautauqua County Department of Health. The town would have to test for aluminum in the water on a regular basis, however.

“After it is placed, (we’d get) a sample of aluminum to see if it was leaching aluminum into the water,” Alianello said.

While aluminum tanks are used throughout the United States, there is only one other municipality in New York state that uses them. In order to test for aluminum in the water, the town would have to send out samples, costing more money. If the filters were to be removed, it could cost upward to about $50,000.

“The health department was real reluctant to approve the aluminum because they don’t have a proven track record in New York state,” Alianello said.

A third option would be for the town to use stainless steel. The cost would be an additional $14,000. With the epoxy paint, the tank would have to be repainted every five to 10 years. Part of the tank will have to be removed in order for the filter to be repainted. The town board approved the use of stainless steel at an additional cost of $14,000.

“With aluminum, if it does leach, we would have to go in and do something about it. There is also concern with Alzheimer’s (connected) to aluminum. Painting it or having to pull the aluminum is kind of ridiculous. For $14,000 going with stainless (steel), is a good alternative. The state is supporting it. To me, once you do it – you’re done with it,” Supervisor Dennis Stopen said.

Alianello said the town will be putting in a mixer in the tank which will mix the chlorine into the 1,000,000 gallon tank. The mixer will keep the chlorine and pH levels uniform by slowly mixing the water. Before the installation of the mixer, the tank needs to be cleaned as there is silt and sediment settled out at the bottom. The town received two quotes from Pittsburgh Tank and Tower and Liquid Engineering.

“They go in and vacuum the bottom of the tank while it’s in service. They can go in there without draining the entire tank and taking it off line,” Jake Alianello of Alianello Engineering said.

Pittsburgh Tank and Tower’s quote was for $6,000 and it uses a remote-control vehicle. Liquid Engineering had a quote of $2,950 and uses a diver. Liquid Engineering said the work could probably take about a day; if it were to go over a day, they would charge by the hour on the second day.

Alianello recommended the town go with Liquid Engineering and the town board approved the work. The town board also approved paying $11,700 to the contractor for the first payment for the water treatment project. This payment will include a 5 percent retainage fee. The town also approved paying Alianello Engineering for their work.

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