No action at conference for man charged under SAFE Act

It is still a waiting game in the case of Benjamin Wassell. Wassell, a Silver Creek resident, veteran and father of two, was charged under the SAFE Act earlier this year after allegedly selling illegal guns to undercover police officers.

The New York Attorney General’s office and lawyers for Benjamin Wassell met for a conference Monday.

Previously the Attorney General’s Press Office said the meeting could have three possible outcomes: forwarding the case to trial by grand jury, a plea deal or no action. The latter was the result, according to press officer Sonya Windell.

No further conference was scheduled at the meeting Monday.

Wassell appeared in Hanover Town Court in April where the case was sent to the Chautauqua County Court. If found guilty of the three felonies and a misdemeanor, Wassell could face up to seven years in prison.

The New York SAFE Act was enacted on Jan. 15 and enforces a stricter definition of an assault rifle as well as regulating magazine size, purchases of guns and ammunition and enforcing background checks. Wassell was the first in New York state to be charged under this law.