Benefit for Colley family set for Saturday

JAMESTOWN – Due to complications of a knee replacement surgery, a Jamestown resident now lives day to day without one leg.

Rick Colley, a Silver Creek native who graduated from Dunkirk High School and now lives in Jamestown, is home-ridden in a wheelchair and can no longer work as a result of losing his leg.

Colley’s wife, Sue, grew up in Falconer and graduated from Falconer High School. She also attended JCC and works at The Connection, where she has had to take a lot of personal unpaid time off to drive from Jamestown to Erie, Jamestown to Warren and Jamestown to Buffalo on many occasions for her husband’s care, making the couple’s financial situation difficult.

The Colleys’ daughter, Brandi, will host a benefit to help raise money for expenses and finances that have and will occur.

“They are two of the most loving and giving people that I have known,” said Brandi. “They are a couple that doesn’t have much but would give anything to help someone in need if they are able.”

A spaghetti dinner benefit will be held for Rick and Sue Colley from 5-10 p.m. Saturday at the Jamestown Moose Lodge 1681 Chapter 87, 405 E. Fifth St. in Jamestown. The event will feature live entertainment by The Skeleton Keys, a Chinese auction and drawings.

According to Brandi, the benefit will serve to help acquire equipment needed to help her father get around the house, to help with bills her parents have endured from loss of work and to help with the purchase a power chair.

“I feel that hosting the benefit for my parents is a great opportunity to show my gratitude to them for everything that they have done for me and for others over the years,” said Brandi. “This was an unforeseen circumstance that has brought a lot of burden to the family with almost losing my father. Doctor Walcott of vascular surgeons of Sisters of Charity Hospital (Buffalo) and the staff were amazing – they saved my dad’s life.”

According to Brandi, because her father is in a wheelchair, he can’t get out of the house because there are stairs on the porch. He is limited in the house because he can’t get the wheelchair past the hallway that leads to the bedroom and bathroom.

“My parents will have to look for a new place to live that will be handicapped-accessible,” said Brandi. “To get to the bedroom and bathroom he has to use a walker where he has to hop on the one leg to get there. This is not good because his other knee is bad also.”

Colley became a truck driver in his youth and continued trucking for a total of 35 years. But, as a result of losing his leg, he had to give it up.

“Truck driving was my dad’s life and is one reason why he was getting the knee replacement in the first place,” said Brandi. “He was going to get back into the truck part time because he missed it so much, but … he will never be able to drive truck again. This has him heart-broken for a number of reasons, including the love of driving and to help support him and his wife.”

The Colleys have two children, Kevin and Brandi, as well as a daughter-in-law, Brooke. They also have a granddaughter, Gwen.

“Their granddaughter is one of the main reasons that they are still staying strong to this day,” said Brandi. “They’d do anything for this little girl and would do anything for their own children as well.”

The Colleys are active with the Jamestown Moose Lodge and have been members since 1973. Mrs. Colley is the junior grad regent of Chapter 87, and Colley was a trustee with Lodge 1681.

“The Moose has been a great organization for my parents keeping them active and aware of the community,” said Brandi.

The Colleys also volunteer every summer at the Celtic Festival held in Mayville.

Donations can be dropped off at the Jamestown Moose Lodge or checks can be mailed to: Brandi Colley, P.O. Box 865, Ripley, NY 14775.

For more information call Brandi at 720-1808 or email