Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best – and worst – of the week:


PLAYING FOR STATES – Good luck to Pine Valley softball, Pine Valley baseball, and Fredonia baseball. The three teams today are in the final four for state competitions. It’s been a great season so far. We’re proud of how far the teams have come. We’ll be cheering you on! Good luck!

MERGING RECREATION – Children in the Brocton/Portland community this summer will have the opportunity to join students in Westfield for the recreation program. This summer, construction at Brocton’s campus forced the Brocton/Portland recreation program to look elsewhere. With the potential of Westfield Academy and Brocton Central School students coming together next year, this is a good time to have the students come together.

ALL COUNTY CONCERT – Congratulations last weekend to the hundreds of students who spent the day at Chautauqua Institution, preparing for the annual All-County concert, which included elementary chorus, middle school chorus, high school chorus, middle school band and high school band. Your hard work and dedication was shown in the performances that night. We also thank the organizers, including the Chautauqua County Music Teachers’ Association, who kept things moving, even as thunderstorms and heavy rains came.


FORGETTING THE IMPORTANT – Honestly, how many of us were complaining this weekend because of the rain here in Western New York, as a number of festivals get under way? Yet when we hear about former area residents Kristen (Ortendahl) Hoadley or Jessi Crino and how their communities have been affected in Oklahoma due to the tornadoes, we realize just how blessed we are. As a side note, Jessi’s Crino’s mother Pauline Burbee is encouraging those who are able to donate to the Red Cross to help those in need