Farming around

SOUTH DAYTON – On a typical day, students travel to and from Pine Valley High School on Route 83 by bus. An end-of-the-year tradition changed that Friday.

Thirty tractors – both farm and lawn – were parked on the front lawn of the high school for the 10th annual Tractor Day sponsored by the school’s Future Farmers of America. The event was organized this year by students Andrew Miller and Cort Morton. Miller, FFA president, said the group had plans for a hay sculpture but were unable to complete the task.

“We were unable to find enough hay,” Miller said. “We decided to do FFA out of the tractors.”

Larger farm tractors were used to make the two letter Fs and smaller lawn tractors were used to make the letter A. Miller said the students took only this morning to figure out the configuration and did not take too long to set up.

While the weather was foggy and raining, that did not impact students’ driving their tractors. Miller said some students and tractors were missing due to sports games.

“Between the boys and girls going to state (playoff games), there were a few that didn’t show up,” he said.

The FFA held an awards ceremony and gave out various awards for dirtiest tractor, biggest tractor, and more. The following awards were given: Newest Tractor, Ben and Justin Dye; Oldest and Most Unique, Austin Bratton; Biggest, Jon Mosher (250 hp); Smallest, Dustin Sheldon; Best Lawn Mower, Cassandra Pillard; Farthest Distance Traveled, Heidi Moss; Most likely not to make it home, Austin King; Most problems getting to school, Derrick Becker; Dirtiest, Adolph Zollinger; Worst Paint Job, Morton; Best Decorated Machine, Jason Rowicki; Most Creative, Brandon Becker; Awards were also given out to best dressed farmers. For the females, Alyssa Sievert won and for the males, Nick Jackson won.

“It’s just a fun activity at the end of the year,” FFA Adviser Isaac Habermehl said.

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