‘Inquisition’ spurs concerns


At a peaceful demonstration in front of the Internal Revenue Service office in Jamestown, a sign said, “If we were deer, the IRS would be guilty of poaching.” Thankfully unlike the other orderly demonstrations around the country on that day, we did not have Department of Homeland Security vehicles on the scene. Who needs a KGB, if you have an IRS?

While the president’s administration scrubbed references to “jihad” and “Islam” from its FBI training manuals, it has done all it can to suspiciously profile law-abiding citizens forming as groups to exercise their freedoms. The IRS demanded a list of books they read, all their Facebook and Twitter entries, donor lists, and even names of family members, not to mention the contents of what they prayed. The IRS is looking more and more like an IRI as in “inquisition.”

When Congress issued a subpoena to Lois Lerner, what did she do? She pled the Fifth, while the inquisition she led on citizens resulted in her getting bonuses and an administrative leave (a paid vacation). She had every right to plead the Fifth, but how did that make ordinary citizens who were mercilessly hounded feel when a big-wig bureaucrat of the IRS conveniently pleaded the Fifth?

An official for the administration said that the law in this case was irrelevant. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could say that the laws which the IRS lords over us are irrelevant? Doesn’t it make the words of the president when he said that we all have to play by the same rules ring hollow? They’re just about as hollow as him touting transparency in his administration. Commentator Greg Guttfeld is right: “This administration has the transparency of a burqa.”

The time is long overdue for abolishing the IRS, repealing the 16th and terminating the IRS. Otherwise, as a stooge for the IRS, the Rev. Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State may pounce on Rhonda Crosswhite, a teacher who admitted, “I did the teacher thing that we’re probably not supposed to do. I prayed – and I prayed out loud.”

She did that while shielding her students as the tornado bore down on the school in Moore, Okla. Did the President give her a call commending her courage like he did for the pro basketball player making millions for two points a game when he came out of the closet?

The Rev. Mel McGinnis is a Frewsburg resident.