New business coming to area

SHERIDAN – Progress is being seen in an old, abandoned property at 3213 Middle Road in the industrial loop area in the town of Sheridan, where cathode ray tube (CRT) recycling company Nulife Glass NY Inc. plans to operate a new recycling facility.

At the Sheridan Town Board’s recent workshop, Code Enforcement Officer James Crowell brought the board up to date on Nulife’s progress on the property that has been vacant for over four years.

“The building has been purchased by Nulife,” Crowell said. “They had to establish themselves in the United States because they were out of the U.K., and that’s taken some time. They had no business affiliations or credentials in the United States, so they established that in order to make the transaction happen. Now that the deal has been closed, they’re starting to do some work.”

Nulife Glass is a United Kingdom-based company which takes toxic lead out of television and computer monitor glass, all in an energy-efficient manner. The raw materials are then converted into use for paperweights, work surfaces, marbles and tiles, among other products.

According to Nulife’s action plan for the property, as seen by Crowell, water is expected to be turned back on in the building by Fall. The glass company is currently in the process of cleaning up the abandoned building, as well as fixing doors and installing electricity in the facility.

“It’s all heading in a good direction,” Crowell said. “They’re actually going to be one of the first businesses to open up under the new sewer and water fee schedule.”

The sewer district for the industrial loop area hasn’t been itemized out as a separate bill in years, according to Crowell. The Comptroller’s office wants to see separate items, so the North County Sewer District proposed a sewer fee, which is expected to come out soon for that area.

Crowell said he is expecting to talk with the current managing operator for the facility sometime soon to discuss the property. He said that furnaces are expected to be installed for the company to go about its CRT recycling business.

The next town board meeting is June 20, at 7:30 p.m. in the Sheridan Community Center.

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