Is there enough compassion?


I feel very incompetent to put on paper what is raging in my mind, but to not do so seems far worse.

When I hear of 22 of our soldiers killing themselves daily as I heard on the Mike Huckabee Show on the radio, I have to ask what is it going to take to get bureaucracy to function capably. We were told that it wasn’t funding that is causing this but the stacks of files on desks. We were told there are programs to help, such as counseling and dog companions. It seems very sad that a dog has more compassion to see instinctively that something is wrong.

What is it going to take? Will it be their own son or daughter taking their own life.

I sincerely hope not. The sad part of this whole thing I feel people causing this know what they are doing. My 96-year-old mother was denied treatment because Medicare would not cover.

May God have mercy on us more than we have on Him. We have denied Him and this is where we are at.