Fairpoint Communications pitches in

WESTFIELD – The Brad Anderson Recognition Committee got a welcomed communication from a friendly neighbor this week in the form of a $500 donation to the fund that will honor the award-winning cartoonist and his comic creation, Marmaduke, in a bronze statue to be set in the Town of Portland.

Committee Chairman, and longtime employee of Fairpoint, Jerry Boltz found out in conversation, that a visiting human resources representative from an out-of-state branch was a faithful Marmaduke reader and fan, and she urged Boltz to submit an application for the civic donation.

Grateful for the generous donation, Boltz added “Fairpoint has a reputation for recognizing worthwhile community projects and we’re very grateful that the company has taken this opportunity to recognize the honor we will be giving to Mr. Anderson and to help us promote that honor as the statue’s placement draws closer.”

Boltz, and fellow Committee Chair Al Valentin remind the community, especially those who read the endearing, and nationally syndicated comic strip “Marmaduke” that once-in-a-lifetime memorabilia in the form of caps bearing Marmaduke’s image are available for sale at the Town of Portland offices.

Proceeds from the sale of the Marmaduke hats will be used toward the raising of a bronze statue depicting Anderson and Marmaduke in artistic creation.

The “maquette” or small scale version of the statue is currently on display at the Town Office, along with many other Anderson treasures for residents or out of towners to view and have a preview of what the statue will look like.

The maquette will be making its rounds in order to generate funds and community interest in the project, especially during the Portland Bicentennial Celebration’s main events taking place this July.

Hats are available in pink, blue or stone and retail for $18. For more information on the project, or the history of Anderson’s roots in the Brocton and Portland communities, or to donate to the statue fund, visit