Cassadaga Cemetery Association holds annual meeting

CASSADAGA – The Cassadaga Cemetery Association met for its annual meeting in May. Their fiscal year began on May 1, 2012 and ended on April 30.

President Richard Fred-rickson called the meeting to order with the minutes of the last year’s meeting and the financial report being read by Secretary/Financial Secretary Sue Penhollow. During the course of the meeting, many items were discussed. Penhollow was thanked for all her efforts and work with the Cassadaga Cemetery. All annual meetings are open to the public.

Trustee Ray Haines discussed a letter that he had sent to the Village of Cassadaga for new trees to be planted along Maple Avenue after the removal of the large maple tree. Haines was thanked for his efforts on getting the grass to grow on the old driveway by using many markers. A letter of a donation by Larry Waterman was read for trees to be planted in memory of his late father, Norman. One of the trees requested was a sugar maple, and another of some variety. Haines said that he would look into the matter to get trees and have them planted.

Grounds supervisor Mike Anderson said he is mowing the cemetery, and the trimming is the biggest concern. He said he could use help with the trimming, and there was a discussion of hiring another helper with maintenance.

Diane House Blizzard spoke of conducting a fundraiser for the cemetery, and said that a letter would be sent to the families of those buried at the cemetery asking for donations. Right now, the cemetery is doing fine, but the lawn equipment is getting old, and will need replacing soon. Anderson said his lawn mower is now about 8 years old. A committee is being formed to develop a mailing list for requests. Visitor Diane K. Shaw said she is willing to work with this committee.

There was a discussion on prices of plots and burials, and Penhollow said that right now the prices will remain the same.

Village historian John Sipos said the current cemetery is divided into five sections, A, B, C, D, and E. Originally the cemetery began at the west end of the village boundary next to what was known as Burnhams. Burnhams had its own post office, which was located in one of the current buildings now a part of the Fredrickson Builders Supply. In December 1942, Burn-hams became a part of the Cassadaga Village and expanded its boundary.

A request from a local resident asked for some kind of fencing be put in front of the barrels near Maple Avenue. Trustee Dan Thorp is looking into a kind of decorative fencing recently used in another part of the village. Penhollow said summer items are to be removed by Oct. 1, and winter and Christmas items by April 1. Anything placed in the cemetery must be a permanent material, and outlining a grave should not be done, as it makes it difficult to mow.

Donations to the cemetery are always welcome, as the cost of maintaining the cemetery is one major factor. Donations may be sent to P.O. Box 351, Cassadaga, NY 14718-0351.

Elections were held, and Fredrickson will continue as president, and Penhollow as the secretary. Trustees for the Cassadaga Cemetery are Ray Haines, Dan Thorp, John Sipos, Susan Washing-ton Sipos and Diane House Blizzard. Sipos also reported that the Cassadaga Cemetery is now online for those who are doing genealogy research work.