Brocton Elementary pupils visit Erie Zoo

BROCTON – The primary students at Brocton Elementary took a field trip to the Erie Zoo.

Students in kindergarten through second grade boarded buses on May 23, wearing foam zoo animal hats they had made in class.

Teachers, chaperones and classroom foster grandmas watched as excited students predicted what they would see and do once they were there.

“It was so nice,” said second-grade parent Amanda Franklin, who chaperoned the trip. “This is the first school field trip Damion has been on. This is a great experience for all the kids. I look forward to doing this again next year.”

After breaking into chaperoned groups, the students set off to explore the different exhibits. Some of the favorites were the bears, wild dogs, wallabies and penguins.

Students were also able to ride the zoo train that allowed them to see zoo animals that live on the hills and in the creek.

All the classes met up for a picnic lunch under a pavilion at about 11:30 a.m. Shortly after that, rain clouds began to fill the sky and it began to pour.

But the damp weather did not put a damper on the enthusiastic students. They, along with most teachers and chaperones, braved the rain and visited the rest of the zoo. They boarded the buses soaked, but chattering away about all they saw.

One second-grade student said, “I liked seeing the animals in real life. We didn’t care if it was raining or not. We read about all this stuff, but it was cool seeing it in front of us.”

In the days after the field trip, students wrote about things they saw and learned.