Club News

SINCLAIRVILLE – Members of the Valley Historical Society of Sinclairville met recently in the museum located at Main and Lester streets for a program, meeting and refreshments. Town of Ellicott Historian Karen Livsey was introduced to all by member Susan W. Sipos. In addition to being the historian, Livsey does genealogical research helping others, works at the Fenton Museum in Jamestown, and was a part of the Hilltop Spinners.

Livsey talked about the town of Ellicott history dating back to its beginning in 1812. James Prendergast was the first town supervisor. The town is named after Joseph Ellicott, who was a surveyor. Many of the people migrated from Vermont, especially the town of Wardsboro. Some of the old family names are still here, she said, and when people are doing research on their families, she recognizes names right away. What brought people this way was better land for farming, and not so much rocky soil. Once a family migrated, others followed, she said. She brought a small library of historical books on the town, and gave more history. Falconer, she said, was once known as Worksburg, and when the railroad was brought to this area, the name changed. A wonderful time of history was enjoyed by all.

President of the Valley Historical Society Albert Olmstead welcomed all to the meeting and led the group in the Lord’s Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance. Secretary Mary Shearman read the report of the last meeting. Treasurer John Sipos gave the financial report of the group. Sipos also reminded all that the village of Sinclairville lawn sales will be on July 13, and that the historical group will sell refreshments. Sipos said that the historical group will have a display in the Chautauqua County Fair Floral Hall during fair week. Sipos thanked Shearman for planting the flowers in the flower boxes in front of the museum building. President Olmstead said that he has made arrangements for door repair and some repairs on the front part of the building. A generous donation to the historical society was received by Arthur and Bessie Kibbe.

Charles Sylvester donated a copy of the milk bottles report that he recently received at a conference. Bonnie Larkin and Audrey Prosser are working on the cataloging of all items of the museum, and said that they are also cleaning shelves as they go along.

Following the meeting and program, ice cream sundaes were served by Betty Jean Ridout. The next meeting of the Valley Historical Society will be on July 2 in the museum at 7 p.m. The program will be a patriotic program and birthday program by President Olmstead and Treasurer Sipos.

The Valley Historical Society was formed by the late John and Ruth Smith who saw the need to preserve the history of the valley. One year later the museum building was purchased. The museum is open for tours on Sundays from 2 to 5 p.m. with tour guides available. There is no charge for admission.

For more information, write to P.O. Box 1045, Sinclairville, NY 14782. New members are welcome.