Teachers, students honored by board

SILVER CREEK – The Silver Creek Board of Education honored teachers and students at its meeting Wednesday.

The board recognized juniors Denea O’Connor and Mary Jo Pearl for academic excellence in business courses, an award given by Jamestown Business College that was accompanied by a $23,000 scholarship.

Knights of the month Meghan Gallivan and Laney Seneca were also recognized.

Elementary teacher Shan-non Matson was also granted tenure. Superintendent Daniel Ljiljanich said the comment he always hears about Matson is “she really cares about kids.”

Elementary Principal Scott Rudnicki complimented Matson’s dedication, her service to the district through extracurricular activities and the community and said, “she is always smiling.”

The board also appointed Caitlin Kane as a social studies teacher in the high school. Kane previously served in a half-time position for two years but proved the best candidate for the job after consideration of many other candidates.

High School Principal James Klubek said Kane was his first official hire as principal and has been very involved in school activities from volleyball to being several classes’ adviser.

“I was told by the principal at Southwestern when I got this job, ‘If you want to be a good administrator, hire good people, they will make you look good.’ And Caitlin has made me look good,” he said.

The board also appointed coaches, cleaners and substitutes.

The board also heard the Comprehensive School Education Plans for the middle and high schools.

Middle School Principal Paula Troutman explained teachers had completed the goal of transitioning to the New York State Common Core Learning Standards for math and English language arts and have completed scope and sequence maps. She said the scope and sequence maps are working documents and change as the state modules are released.

Ljiljanich noted the scope and sequence maps are longer for the middle and high schools than the elementary because the state has not released as many modules.

Board President asked how teachers are teaching for the assessments without modules. Troutman said they are teaching to the standards and hoping for the best without the modules.

Troutman also demonstrated how the assessment software is helping teachers and administrators identify children not demonstrating growth in a subject. She said the assessments and character education were areas to expand on next year in the middle school.

Klubek presented on the high school CSEP, saying some updates are not in because assessments are still being graded. He said what he has observed from the new curriculum is a deeper understanding of topics.

He said the high school has approached character education by trying to improve the atmosphere in the school – both between students and in the appearance of the building. He said a student committee helped in resolving problems like fighting at the beginning of the year and a display case was built to display student art.

He said goals for the future include further faculty and community involvement in the school.

The next board of education meeting will be held June 26 with an executive session at 6 p.m. and the public meeting to begin at 7 p.m.