Brocton summer rec staffed, prepares to open

BROCTON Members of the Brocton Village Board have resolved to staff their summer youth recreation program, which will be held in Westfield this year due to construction being done at Brocton Central School.

Trustee Gary Planty, who along with Trustee Art Donovan worked to get the program up and running with the cooperation of the Westfield Recreation Department, said Westfield Director Venn Blakely would like to hold a joint meeting as early as June 17 with Brocton staffers to work out details of the program schedule.

Planty introduced a resolution to the board to appoint the following Recreation Department staff members for the summer season: Cynthia Ferguson, as Director and Assistant to Westfield’s Director; John Nickerson as a returning staff member; Kelly Miller, staff member and Bradley Johnson as an alternate staff member.

Mayor Dave Hazelton thanked Planty and Donovan for their recommendations and hard work setting up the program to run smoothly and the board unanimously approved the staffing recommendations.

The board will meet again on June 19 at 7 p.m.