Dunkirk school lunch more pricey but more healthy

After Thursday night’s Dunkirk Board of Education meeting, expect school lunches to be a tad bit more expensive.

School lunches throughout the Dunkirk City School District will be bumping up slightly for the 2013-2014 school year. Elementary school lunches will be 15 cents more, costing a total of 75 cents, while secondary school lunches will cost 25 cents more, raising the total price to $1.25.

“We had to bid, by law, the lunch contract last spring, and we only had one bidder,” said School Superintendent Gary Cerne. “With the nature of one bidder, they name their price, and basically with the more nutritious meals that they will be offering, they were forced to raise their price. Even though we absorbed most of the price in the district, we have to raise prices slightly to cover our costs.”

Reduced meals will continue to be free while breakfast pricing remains flat.

Also during the meeting, Board President Kenneth Kozlowski announced the results of an exit poll that was taken on the day of the budget vote several weeks ago. The exit poll asked voters whether the voting areas for the budget should be downsized from four to one. 208 voters said yes while 62 said no.

After the results were read, Kozlowski announced that future school votes will be held solely in the auxillary gym of the high school.

“It’s going to save us some money,” Kozlowski said. “It’s going to ease up the two elementary schools that we had to have a police officer presence during [any voting], as well as liability insurance we had to purchase for the Fire Hose Company. I think it will be a better spot, better parking, better access, and I think we will have a little bit better control over it, having it at one location.”

Kozlowski also announced the board is putting its support behind repowering the NRG Power Plant. He said NRG has been a good corporate friend of the district, as well as a good community partner with local charities.

Several positions were filled within the district during the meeting, including an English as a second language teacher, a math teacher, two elementary teachers, a clerk, a library aide and a cleaner.

The board also recognized Christina Aviles, the student board member, who was in attendance at her final meeting. Aviles will be graduating next week with the rest of her fellow classmates.

An executive session was called by the board shortly after the meeting started to discuss a personnel matter.

The next meeting will be held July 3 at 5:30 p.m. in the large group instruction room of the administration building. This will be the board’s reorganizational meeting.

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